What is The Best Memory Foam Mattress For Good Sleep? Types of Mattress, Types of Sleepers

The importance of good quality sleep cannot be overstated. If you haven’t been able to get a good night’s rest, perhaps it is time to examine one of the underlying causes: your mattress. The value of a great mattress can make all the difference in the world for getting some restful slumber. So it is time to change your bed if it no longer meets your comfort needs. We have listed the types of mattresses available in the market to pick and choose from so that you get the cozy sleep that you rightfully deserve-

Types of Mattresses

Consider various factors while shopping for a mattress. Look for comfort, price, size, and whether or not it aligns with your sleeping positions.

There are many mattress options available on the market depending on what you need. But there are three categories widely used by people all around the world. We will discuss those here. 

Memory Foam Mattress

There are various types of foam in a mattress. It can be gel foam, latex foam, polyurethane foam, or copper-infused foam. Among types of foam in a mattress, latex foam is widely used in mattresses. It is preferred by most of the users as it is eco-friendly and durable. But the one that has taken over the mattress market late is memory foam.

Though invented in the 1970s, memory foam mattresses have become highly popular in recent times. As the name goes, a memory foam mattress takes the shape of your body and makes you feel snuggled. This feature is best for people who have been experiencing body pain due to being in one position for too long. Memory foam provides the best cushioning as it disperses your body weight evenly on its surface. Memory foam mattresses respond to your body temperature as they comprise heat-activated material. 

Qualities to Check When Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

While buying a memory foam mattress, please look at the following qualities if you want the best that is on the market:

Comfort – No matter what position you tuck yourself into, your mattress should be able to provide you maximum comfort and softness. The best way to check comfort is by trying it. Lay on top of all the memory foam mattresses you have shortlisted, and pick the one you find most comfortable.

Size – Another important aspect of picking a good mattress is size. Your memory foam mattress should be entirely in sync with your body. Otherwise, you will not be able to experience the warmth of your mattress.

Price – Pricing cannot be overlooked. The memory foam provides outstanding support, but they are often expensive. The good news is that various memory foam mattresses come at different prices. Select the one that suits your pocket. 

Whatever the type of foam in a mattress, make sure that it gives you supreme comfort and support.

Coil Mattress

These were and still are the most commonly used mattresses. The innerspring of a coil mattress uses a steel coil support system to provide you ample comfort while you are asleep. Coil mattresses are very durable, they have a life of almost a decade.

The coil mattress can be of two kinds- one where the steel coils are individually placed, also called pocket springs or the one where the coils are connected.

The connected coils make the bed bouncier. If you are a light sleeper, you might wake up on any movement of a fellow sleeper as these coils act as a unit. On the other hand, pocket springs are independently placed and you will not feel the bounce at all. Both the pocket springs and individual coils provide great comfort to the sleeper.

Innerspring or coil mattresses are widely popular mostly because they are affordable and provide sufficient comfort to the sleeper.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam and coils to provide superb comfort, durability and support. The hybrid mattress has pocketed coils, which do not let your partner’s movement affect your sleep. And since these coils are coupled with memory foam, it gives you optimum comfort and stays resistant to mold, bedbugs and other allergens. 

As far as the price is concerned, hybrid mattresses are a little expensive but their superior qualities make them one of the top choices. 

Types of Sleepers

As we mentioned, a mattress should provide you comfort despite your sleep position. Let us explore different types of sleepers and which mattress will give the most comfort based on your type.

The Side Sleepers

The side sleepers are the ones who prefer sleeping on any one of their sides. There are significant benefits to side sleeping. It helps with digestion and provides relief from snoring. This position is also helpful for people suffering from sleep apnea. 

Side sleepers could benefit from a memory foam or a hybrid mattress\. These give side sleepers comfortable nap time without putting any pressure on their spine. 

The Front Sleepers

The front sleepers are those who sleep with their stomach facing the bed. This position also helps people who snore, but sleeping this way can hamper your neck muscles. Front sleeping is also not very helpful in the digestion process.

Memory foam mattresses with ample support can help front sleepers keep their neck in a safe position.

The Back Sleepers

The back sleepers are those who sleep with their back to the bed. These people do not need any exceptional mattress. They can do with memory foam, hybrid, or even coil mattresses because of their position. Their weight is evenly distributed, and the spine is in just the correct position without any extra effort.

Sleep is one of the most important functions of our body that helps you relax. Keep in mind your dominant sleeping position and choose the most efficient mattress.

Have a nice sleep!


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