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I’m sure everybody knows that a good 7-9 hours of sleep is absolutely necessary for your body to be well-rested, but did you have any idea about the different sleep cycles which occur while you sleep? Well if you don’t, I’m sure that this blog will surely help to broaden your knowledge of the different sleep cycles and your sleep health. If you’re curious about the exact science of your sleep, there are 4 stages that you should be aware of.

Let’s dive into detail about what exactly happens while you go to sleep:

While many theories circulate around sleep stages, the process is quite scientific than one can possibly imagine. A complete sleep cycle usually consists of a 90 minutes time frame. If observed by an electroencephalogram(EEG), it can easily be observed that your brain is capable of producing certain waves. Theta and delta waves to be exact. We’ll talk more about these later in this blog. All you need to know right now is N1, N2, N3, and REM form the four main stages that one should be absolutely aware of. 


The first stage of falling asleep

This first stage in your sleep cycle is when you first start falling asleep. Having a good quality mattress by your side will help you immensely if you struggle with any sleep issues. A mattress that makes use of memory foam is an excellent option for any of your sleeping needs. Coming back to this sleeping stage the duration of this particular cycle will usually last for a maximum of 10 minutes. During this stage, the user can easily be awakened as he is yet to fall asleep.


The second stage of lightly sleeping

In scientific terms, this stage is also commonly categorized as the process by which your brain produces body swindles. So while the user may take up a total time of 20 minutes, he is yet to deeply fall asleep in this particular stage. This stage is usually marked by your heartbeat and breathing slow down as your body gets prepared to fall asleep. 


The third stage of deep sleeping

This forms a very crucial stage in your sleeping cycle as any unnecessary disturbance could lead to the possibility of developing a sleep disorder. While the first two stages are commonly associated with theta waves, the third stage is categorized by the presence of delta waves. A sleeping time of 20-40 minutes is usually taken up by this stage of the sleeping cycle. It is due to this deep sleep that your body can easily repair itself. If you care about your sleep health investing in a good quality mattress will prove quite useful. 

N1, N2, and N3 stages are also commonly referred to as NREM since they are the Non-REM stages of your sleep cycle.

Now, that we’ve talked about Non-Rem, let’s understand the REM stage as well.

REM stands for rapid eye movement. If a graph of your sleeping cycle were to be drawn it would most definitely indicate a steady increase in your REM stage. An increase in activity levels can also be noticed in this stage. From the movement of your eyes to the irregularness of your breath, there’s a lot that goes down in this particular stage. Note that there lies a hidden paradox in understanding the REM stage. This is because your body can even experience temporary paralysis though it could only last for a short while.

Benefits of using a good quality mattress 

A mattress that puts user comfort above all will help you tremendously to improve your sleep health. There are several benefits to a proper 7-hour sleep. This can be seen in the form of improved energy levels, a lower chance of diseases like depression, diabetes and so many more. Get good quality sleep and notice a difference yourself. 

Things to watch out for in your mattress

Get a lightweight mattress that you can easily manage. Memory foam integrated mattresses are lightweight and an excellent option since they are quite durable as well. 

How can you improve your sleep health?

There are probably several ways in which you can improve your sleep health. These include setting up a quiet and restful environment, a good sleeping schedule, and so many others. The use of black curtains and the creation of soundproof windows could be used for this purpose. Supplements like melatonin are becoming quite common in improving one’s sleeping health. Instead of going for these supplements try to naturally improve your sleep health by making use of a good quality mattress.

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