What is mindful meditation?

Mindful meditation is an act through which you are completely aware of your present situation instead of focusing on the things and situations which are distracting you. Various types of breathing exercises could be included in your mindful meditation. These breathing exercises will help you calm down and develop a sense of feeling which is similar to the effect you have when you transport to an entirely different environment. Mindful meditation has also been linked with an increase in blood flow and oxygen levels in your body. 

Several videos based on mindful meditation to help you focus more on the present are freely available across several video channels. The duration of these videos could take as low as 2 minutes out of your busy schedule. All you will be required to do is to focus on the voice guiding you and perform a basic movement if required. This can require you to focus on a particular body part or you may be required to simply lie down. This will ultimately depend on the type of video you end up choosing for your mindful meditation.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits mindful meditation could provide for you:

  1. Anxiety reliever

Are you a person who experiences extreme anxiety whenever you end up in a stressful situation? If yes, mindful meditation could prove to be the perfect solution to control your anxiety! Mindful meditation helps you successfully reduce your anxiety levels as it lets you focus on the main task and forget about all the other unnecessary thoughts and opinions. The next time you experience any anxiety be sure to seek the support of some mindful meditation in your busy life.

  1. Pain reducer

Mindful meditation is positively linked to reducing any type of pain as it helps you focus on things other than your pain. It could be that you are experiencing a temporary or a permanent injury related to some incident in your life, committing a few minutes to mindful meditation in this case will help you out immensely. 

  1. Depression 

If you or somebody around you is showing the symptoms of a depressive episode, you may seek the help of a mindful meditation video. No matter what type of source is causing you to feel depressed, you can openly seek the comfort provided through the use of a mindful meditation video. You can continue using mindful meditation for a few weeks in the beginning and see if it provides any support to cure your depressive state.  

  1. Promotes good sleep

Mindful meditation has been positively linked to promoting a night of good sleep. By looking at various images of beautiful surroundings and focusing on the guided voice you can easily erase all the negative thoughts and activities which have troubled you throughout your day and focus on getting a complete sleep of 7 hours. What more do you need to understand the impact mindful meditation could have in your life?

  1. Increase productivity

Increase your performance and work levels through the help of mindful meditation. By calming your mind you will easily be able to focus and perform your tasks better. Work more efficiently through the use of mindful meditation. Creative people are often encouraged to inculcate a habit of meditation in their life.

  1. Decrease in diseases

In certain cases, the use of mindful meditation has been proven useful to improve the condition of patients having ADHD as they are able to focus more easily. Grave medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and cancer can easily get treated through the implementation of daily meditation in your busy routine. Treatment of heart diseases like high blood pressure and asthma has been commonly associated with mindful meditation in several medical journals. 

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, several other benefits like improvement in your confidence, memory power, and happiness have also been linked with mindful meditation.

The benefits of mindful meditation could be experienced anywhere. From your office lounge to the comfort of your home, all you need is a quiet place where you can start your mindful meditation. There exist various types of mindful meditation techniques that you can easily practice. You can also set a particular schedule for your meditation practice. A timer could be utilized for this purpose. A fixed position that you find comfortable staying in could also be utilized. Lastly don’t forget to perform your mindful meditation in a correct and safe manner.

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