Your mattress forms an important part of your life as it is ultimately going to be the place wherein you sleep at the end of your busy day. The simple activity of you changing your mattress could have a massive effect on your life. This is because the way you will start your day will help you inculcate good habits. Having a good relationship with your mattress is quite essential and investing in a good-quality mattress will help you greatly in the long run. Caring for a mattress can involve several different ways. This can involve:

  1. Protecting your mattress

Caring for a mattress involves protecting it against any type of damage which can be caused due to several factors. The use of a mattress protector could be integrated into this process. Try to seek a waterproof mattress as this will prevent any liquid from passing through your mattress. A quick-drying mattress protector will help you keep your mattress clean in a trouble-free and organized manner. Caring for your mattress involves changing and protecting it against any seasonal damage. This is because there is a chance that your mattress could get hard during winter, grow mold during monsoons, accumulate sweat during summers, and various other related concerns. 

  1. Rotating your mattress

Have you ever noticed your mattress forming an indent on one side of your bed? This is because through regular usage the formation of an indent due to the daily pressure faced by it plays a vital role. To avoid this you can simply rotate your mattress once every 3 months. The decision to rotate your mattress will depend on the type of material the mattress is made up of. The help of another person can also be utilized for this purpose. Usually, your mattress will come with a proper instruction label and all you would be required to do is to just read them carefully. 

  1. Keeping it clean

Firstly, decide the type of damage your mattress is faced with. If the damage faced is something you can easily recover through a laundry detergent, dish soap, or through use of baking soda, try to solve it with these simple methods first. You could even vacuum your mattress if required. If you see any case of dust mites on your mattress you could take off your mattress cover and put it in warm water as this will help to terminate any case of dust mites formation. See if you can sir-dry your mattress cover daily as this will protect you against any harmful bacteria and viruses.

  1. Not playing on your mattress

Use your mattress only for sleeping and not for playing. Even if your mattress is stretchable do not use it for playing as this could cause unnecessary damage to your mattress. If you have small kids try to prevent them from utilizing the mattress as their playground as the quality of your mattress could get affected. Your kids could also get hurt in this process. It is better to make your kids visit a garden or a play park as this will help them get some sunlight as well. 

  1. Avoid consuming any food on your mattress

Try to avoid consumption of foods and juices which have a potential probability of staining your mattress. While the staining process could still be considered okay it is the cleaning process that can prove to be a hassle. Installation of a mattress protector hence proves to be a necessity in this case as this protector can be washed easily. A good quality mattress protector will help you save a lot of money that would otherwise be used in buying a new mattress. Don’t be lazy and invest in a good-quality mattress protector. If you don’t want to make use of a mattress protector try to at least integrate the use of a dining table. 

  1. Changing your mattress

After a span of usually 5 years or more, it is a good practice to go look for a new mattress. If not changed you potentially put yourself in harm’s way and have to deal with problems like muscle or joint stiffness. The indicators which you need to look for in your mattress can consist of your mattress turning sogging or extra firm upon touch. You could end up with a sore back if the mattress you are sleeping on is too firm. The same goes for a mattress that is too thick as it can end up spraining your neck upon its usage. 

With these tips, we’re sure that the relationship you have with your mattress would’ve become much stronger. Ultimately it is your mattress that is going to stay with you throughout your night, and investing in a good-quality mattress is the first step you need to implement. Sleepify has a wide variety of mattresses on its website which you should definitely explore.

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