February 13, 2023Mattress

How to Have a Good Relationship With Your Mattress

Your mattress forms an important part of your life as it is ultimately going to be the place wherein you sleep at the end of your busy day. The simple activity of you changing your mattress could have a massive effect on your life. This is because the way you will start your day will help you inculcate good habits. Having a good relationship with your mattress is quite essential and investing in a …

February 13, 2023Sleep

How Mindfulness Meditation Affects How Well You Sleep

What is mindful meditation? Mindful meditation is an act through which you are completely aware of your present situation instead of focusing on the things and situations which are distracting you. Various types of breathing exercises could be included in your mindful meditation. These breathing exercises will help you calm down and develop a sense of feeling which is similar to the effect you have …

February 13, 2023Sleep

Why Do Some People Snore? Solutions for Healthier Living

The problem of snoring is quite prevalent among adults and even more so in the general male population. While a normal snoring habit may not end up being harmful, it is better to get yourself checked in case you end up with a sleep condition such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition in which the patient ends up waking up multiple times throughout the night. Snoring is an activity through whi …

February 13, 2023Sleep

Healthy Napping Tips: Your Guide to Greatest Nap Ever

Here is a sleep guide that you can refer to if you want to incorporate a set of healthy napping tips in your routine. These include various tips like Meditating One way through which you can easily reduce your stress levels is through meditation. By thinking about unnecessary thoughts during your sleep you can easily affect the quality of your sleep. Meditation is a great way to start your day as it …

February 13, 2023Sleep

Everything to Know About Nightmares, Night (Sleep)Terrors & Sleepwalking

Nightmares The first thing that must probably come to your mind when you hear the word ‘nightmare’ must probably be the image of a person who woke up frightened because he couldn’t handle his dreaded dream. If left untreated this condition may end up being a habit for the person. Reasons for Nightmares There can be several reasons for your nightmares. Nightmares seem to have a common occurrence in ki …

5 Reasons Lack of Sleep May Be Hurting Your Back
December 2, 2022Sleep

5 Reasons Lack of Sleep May Be Hurting Your Back

Sleep ought to be one of the most essential activities in a human’s life. Not sleeping enough can have several effects on your mind and body it can hamper your memory, decrease your concentration levels, cause your blood pressure to increase, weaken your immunity, increase the risk of diabetes and heart attack and cause you to gain weight amongst many other effects. But this may come to you as a s …

Sleep Disorders & Sleep Hygiene - All You Need to Know
October 12, 2022Sleep

Sleep Disorders & Sleep Hygiene – All You Need to Know

Sleep and sleep-related queries globally are going to be similar. The outbreak of the Pandemic brought about a change in people’s life. Considering the fear of the Pandemic, while some people began focusing on their health, others found it daunting to even sleep properly. Working from home disrupted people’s sleeping hours and hence immensely affected their sleep patterns spoiling their sleep hygi …

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Getting Sound Sleep
September 19, 2022Sleep

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Getting Sound Sleep

Lack of sleep isn’t just spoiling your daily lifestyle but also degrading the quality of your life. A lack of proper sleep at night can make you cranky and overtime messes up more than just your morning routine and mood. A deficiency of sleep can lead to multiple disorders that gradually can eat up your health.  According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute , sleep deficiency can re …

10 Proven Points to Get a Good Nights Sleep
September 16, 2022Sleep

10 Proven Points to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When you are awake at 4:00 am, falling asleep for the next four hours might seem impossible. Sleepless nights are way too familiar an issue amidst young Indians today. Researchers and doctors have identified a few practices that might be causing hindrance in your good night’s sleep . By following a few healthy patterns and habits, also known as Sleep Hygiene , you can increase your sleeping hours eve …

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