5 Reasons Lack of Sleep May Be Hurting Your Back

Sleep ought to be one of the most essential activities in a human’s life. Not sleeping enough can have several effects on your mind and body it can hamper your memory, decrease your concentration levels, cause your blood pressure to increase, weaken your immunity, increase the risk of diabetes and heart attack and cause you to gain weight amongst many other effects. But this may come to you as a shocker that lack of sleep can also cause acute back aches. 

Let’s have a look at the reasons why your back aches may be a consequence of your bad sleep cycle: 

1. Lack of sleep converts mild aches into chronic aches: 

Mild aches are mostly associated with your lifestyle. It can be related to either how you sit in front of your laptop, what kind of exercises you do or merely the posture you maintain. Mild aches can be rectified by making small changes in your lifestyle although these mild aches can be converted into chronic aches if your sleeping habits are poor. And the worse thing is, that once you start experiencing chronic pain, improving your sleep cycle would become an even tougher job. This is because chronic pain won’t let you sleep and night and this will become an unending vicious circle. 

Did you know, a study proved that painful stimuli increases due to lack of sleep? That means the ability of your brain to resist painful signals decreases due to a bad sleep schedule. 

Additionally, if somebody is suffering from arthritis, and they happen to have a bad sleep cycle, chances are they’ll later experience flared-up aches.

2. Less sleep increases inflammation

What is inflammation/? Inflammation is part of the immune system. Inflammation is the process through which the immune system detects and removes alien stimuli. Now although inflammation is a good thing, excess inflammation can either cause pain or increase the intensity of an already existing pain. Now, how is excess inflammation related to lack of sleep? Due to lack of sleep, your body does not get enough time to produce anti-inflammatory compounds that would cause excessive inflammation in the body would result in an increase of chronic aches.

3. Insomnia causes you to wake up with back aches

As we mentioned earlier, after a point, lack of sleep and back aches go hand in hand. That means, it will start off as you facing chronic aches due to a bad sleeping cycle, and later the chronic aches won’t let you sleep resulting in the continuation of a bad sleeping cycle. 

4.Being sleep deprived for even a day alone can cause aches

Sleep deprivation triggers anxiety, and anxiety can be one of the reasons for back aches. So yes, if you don’t sleep enough or at all even for one-night chances are you’ll wake up with a backache. A recent study revealed that sleeping for less than six hours a day can result in back aches or make the aches worse. Similarly, sleeping for more than nine hours a day can also cause excessive pain.

5. Not sleeping enough reduces the effect of natural painkillers 

Your body has a very potent defence mechanism. But it will only be able to work at its best when you provide your body with enough sleep. So in other words good sleep is more powerful than the painkillers that your chemist provided you with, in fact, you wouldn’t have to opt for painkillers in the first place if you maintain a good sleep schedule. 

Tips to enhance your sleep schedule:

1. Follow sleep schedules

As we established earlier, both, lack of sleep and excessive are equally harmful to your overall health, that includes your back. So try sticking to a sleep timetable. If you are someone who can not sleep within the 20 minutes then try exerting yourself till you’re tired or if you feel you’re just too stressed and that is why you’re unable to sleep so try listening to soothing music. Similarly, if you are someone who sleeps a lot try being adamant about waking up to your alarms without snoozing, and train your body to not sleep for more than 7 to 9 hours. Just remember to be consistent so that your body gets used to a routine. 

2. Set a limit to your daytime naps

Taking long naps in between the day can hamper your sleep at night. So avoid taking long naps in a day unless you are working at night, in that case, you’ll have to take daytime naps in order to give your body the ideal 7 to 9 hours of sleep. 

3. Distribute work evenly

By this we mean, distribute stress. In this era, stress is pretty much unavoidable, so the least we can do is distribute our work and worries in such a way that we do not overstress ourselves. This will result in the reduction of anxiety and help you achieve that good night’s sleep.

4. Exert your body to an extent

This is a continuation of the previous point, you need to know when your body feels exerted and then give yourself a break. Similarly, you should also know when your body is not exerted enough or tired enough because that too can be the reason why you are unable to sleep.

5. Opt for the best mattress 

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