February 13, 2023Sleep

Everything to Know About Nightmares, Night (Sleep)Terrors & Sleepwalking

Nightmares The first thing that must probably come to your mind when you hear the word ‘nightmare’ must probably be the image of a person who woke up frightened because he couldn’t handle his dreaded dream. If left untreated this condition may end up being a habit for the person. Reasons for Nightmares There can be several reasons for your nightmares. Nightmares seem to have a common occurrence in ki …

3 Reasons Sleep Disorder May Be Harming Your Back
October 20, 2022Sleep

3 Reasons Sleep Disorder May Be Harming Your Back

Sleep deprivation poses potent risk factors for an array of physiological and physical ailments like dementia, chronic back pain or body pain, obesity, diabetes, not to mention, death.  A recent study leveraging polysomnography in the population suffering from persistent body pain reported 72% having insomnia . Proving the point that people having sleep disorders mostly suffer from back pain, b …

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