What's The Best Sleeping Position?
October 28, 2022Sleep

What’s The Best Sleeping Position?

When you lay down on your bed you want to curl up and sleep in the most comfortable position. As the night grows, you eventually switch to a different sleeping position. The sleeping position that suits your body type is defined by how rejuvenated and fresh you feel when you get up in the morning.  If you slept in an uncomfortable position the entire night, you will tend to have body aches tha …

Best Sleeping Position to Reduce Back Pain
September 23, 2022Sleep

Best Sleeping Position to Reduce Back Pain

Lower back pain is not something that we aren’t aware of. It is quite common among people who tend to slump to a side with a slight spine bent, perform exhausting household chores not paying attention to their posture while bending or avoid exercise leading to unused back muscles.  The lower back is the most essential part of the body as it handles most of the body weight and hence, it i …

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